Medieval Castle Accommodation & Modern Luxury

Turin Castle near Balinrobe in County Mayo, Ireland is a Medieval castle standing sentinel in the picturesque countryside.It is the perfect location for intimate weddings and family celebrations and can accommodate up to 20 people in the dining room and 12 people staying in the castle.

Turin Castle is situated in the ancient barony of Kilmaine surrounded by 16 acres of rich walled pasture land.

The nearest town is Balinrobe which is 8 km away offering a good selection of pubs and eateries. The picturesque village of Cong famous for the John Ford film ” The Quiet Man” and Ashford castle are also close by.

The area abounds with natural beauty with the mountains and lakes of Connemara less than an hour away.

The perfect location for your intimate wedding in Ireland

  • 'A trip back in time'

    Our visit to Turin Castle was to celebrate 25 years of marriage. It was truly an experience that will remain in our minds forever.

    Marnie and Brendan are fantastic to detail leaving a nice welcome for my beautiful wife and I to celebrate 25 years. We especially enjoyed our evenings by the fire listening to musicand simply taking in the beauty of this trip.

    A trip back in time
    Manny T
    Richmond, Virginia
  • 'A Great Week in a Great Place'

    Four couples from upstate New York and one from Leicestershire in England spent a week in Turin Castle, September 15th-22nd 2012.

    It was a once in a lifetime experience for us. The couple from England are of Irish heritage and are singers and musicians in the folk clubs there. Suffice it to say that we had some terrific traditional Irish songs in the Great Hall. We had a ceildh with Irish dancing and had a ball in the hall.

    A Great Week in a Great Place
    Rich M
    New York
  • 'Wonderful'

    Stayed at Turin Castle to have a small rural wedding. The castle was far more than I had expected, every one of our guests were amazing and the family who stayed with us were as happy and comfortable as we were. We look forward to returning.

    Belfast, Maine
  • 'Experiencing Medieval living first-hand!'

    Myself, my husband and 2 friends had a very memorable time! We loved walking in the beautiful, serene countryside surrounding the Castle, and exploring the areas of Mayo/Galway.
    Marnie and Brendan, greeted us upon our arrival and gave us the initial tour of the Castle.It was truly an unforgettable experience and one that we will remember and share with others for years to come! A great place for families with children!

    Experiencing Medieval living first-hand!
    New Port Richey, Florida
  • 'Fairytale Wedding'

    The whole day (in fact week) was perfect and the owners pulled out all the stops to make it a day we will always remember.

    If you want the full fairytale wedding, then this is the real deal, with a grand hall complete with authentic armour and weapons and a massive grounds for the overspill of guests. The castle is only large enough for the B&G and immediate family, but there is a lot of local hotel accommodation of all types to suit most guests needs.

    Fairytale Wedding
    London, United Kingdom

A little piece of history

From records we know that Turin had been abandoned for at least two hundred and fifty years up until it’s restoration in 1997.

The origins of Turin Castle and neighbouring Castles are sadly mostly lost in the mists of time. According to the chronicler O’Donovan, “In the parish of Kilmaine there are several square Castles said to have been built by the Burkes (de Burgos). There is one in Turin, one in Cregduff, one in Elistron and one in Killernan”. Turin would appear to derive from the old Irish meaning ‘small bleaching field’.

Which may suggest that Turin Castle was involved in the very lucrative trade of sheep farming, there was a growing market for hides , meat and wool in continental Europe.

By the mid 16th Century Kilmaine politically and economically was the most important barony in the county. In 1574 there were 41 castles in an area of just 10 miles long by eight broad, by far the highest concentration of castles in Connacht, an indication that agriculture was on an industrial scale.